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Complete listing of Restaurants, Grocery Stores and Bars in both Masset and Old Masset:

Please support our local eateries in Masset and adjacent Old Masset and click here for a complete list to make your stay enjoyable, complete with telephone numbers and hours of operation. If you are serious fishermen, combine our best local fishing guides with our local eateries to complete your fishing package. Virtually all eateries are within a 5 minute walking distance from our properties!

Salt Water Fishing:

Salt water fishing in our area (see map) is governed by Canada's Fisheries and Oceans Canada Regulations for Area 1. Please consult current regulations as these can change.

Female Chinook Salmon
Female Chinook Salmon
Here are the World Renowned Fishing Lodges situated near Masset, not more than one hour boating distance. We welcome guests of these lodges to combine their package with our land accommodation for the ultimate fishing or eco-tourism adventure in the world.

Cutthroat Trout
Cutthroat Trout

Local Masset Businesses:

Situated immediately across from the Office of Chinook Lodge.
Get your Surf Gear and expertise advise from Mike during your stay at Chinook!

North Beach Surf
Enjoy North Beach Surf

Your Hosts at Chinook Lodge are
Brion and Jane Bailey
Toll-Free: 877-CHINOOK (244-6665)
Canada-wide Cell 778-773-4242 / Masset Cell 250-626-7360
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