Chinook Lodge

Photo Gallery...

Here are some of the sights you can see when you visit.

White Beach
Red Jellyfish, poisionous
Mayer Lake
Balance Rock
Masset Inlet, at sunset
Haida Indian Carver at work
Scenic Walk at White Beach
Tanu, old Haida Indian village
Wharf at Queen Charlotte
Hot Springs Island
Haida Indian canoe, unfinished
Black bear, Moresby Island
A lovely 44 lb Spring Salmon caught by your host, Brion Bailey
(photo taken by one of our excellent local fishing guides)

Shipwreck, Pesuta
Shipwreck Close-Up
Rennel Sound
Sunset at Tow Hill
Cormorants, Agate Beach
Rennell Sound, most westerly point in Canada
Masset Library
Yakan Point from Tow Hill viewpoint
Rennell Sound, beached whale
Tow Hill, viewed from North Beach
Private Marina
Queen Charlotte Lodge with four berths shares the same private marina with Chinook Lodge with two berths
Crabbing at North Beach
Fish Tables
Air Canada Jazz at Sandspit, BC
Your Hosts at Christmas
Moorage Berths #7 and #8
Canoeing on Mayer Lake
World Class Fishing
Catch Your Own Supper!
Totem Poles
Wildlife, Up Close
Happy Memories!
Days on the Water
Our locale offers some of the finest fishing in the world
Picnics, in your Private Rear Yard
Agate Beach
Tourist Help Centre
Reliable Flights
Rich History
Old Growth Forest
Grove of old growth forest on Tow Hill Road
Spirit Lake Trail, Boardwalk
Beautiful Original Art
Photo shows Reg Davidson, Famous Haida Artist from Old Masset.
Eagles on the Beach at Masset Inlet
Tlell Music Festival
Some Great Catches!
Great Memories - Please come back again soon!
A Masset sunset

Your Hosts at Chinook Lodge are
Brion and Jane Bailey
Toll-Free: 877-CHINOOK (244-6665)
Canada-wide Cell 778-773-4242 / Masset Cell 250-626-7360
Vancouver 604-522-5978
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