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(Duration excludes any commute time by car. All sites are in the vicinity of Masset unless otherwise noted.)

1. FREE - Beachcomb, crab or clam. Stroll and watch the evening sunset. Collect agate. Duration: Several days since there are so many wonderful beaches.

2. "FREE" - Driving your car along the miles and miles of Beach on the packed sand left by the receding tide and shells that are washed ashore. This is a passion for Masset residents on the weekend.

3. FREE - Short trail hikes.

  • Walk along a Boardwalk leading to lava rocks and the Blow Hole, a water spout.
  • Optional hike includes elevation to a view of the miles and miles of sandy beach below. This is a Kodak moment. Duration: 1 or 2 Hours Return
  • Balance Rock just past Skidegate. This is a Kodak moment. Duration ½ Hour.
  • Yakoun Lake is a proposed World Heritage Site and access is gained off a logging road. It is like you have landed in a wilderness lake from a float plane. Duration: 2 Hours Return
  • Walk to beached shipwreck, the Pesuta, with access off the YellowHead Highway near Tlell. Duration: 4 hours return
  • Walk to Pure Lake off the Yellow Head Highway. Duration: ½ Hour Return
  • Walk to Spirit Lake near Skidegate. Duration: 2 Hours Return

4. FREE - Longer trail hikes.

  • Cape Fife Trail to Rose Spit. 4 Hours, One Way. Recommended overnight backpack trip.

5. FREE - Canoe use provided free to guests of "The Chinook" with a stay of 3 days or longer. Mayer Lake is a favorite for our family and is located off the YellowHead Highway. Great trout in this lake. Duration: One Day

6. FREE - Bicycle use also provided free to guests of "The Chinook". Tour along the waterfront nearby "The Chinook," leading to the Haida Village of Old Masset. Stop along the way for fresh Halibut Fish and Chips in a take-out eatery with picnic tables. Continue your trip with a stop at the Souvenir Shop on the Reserve. Pass by the Indian lodges and the home of Reg Davidson, Haida Artist and brother of famed Haida Artist, Robert Davidson. Duration: 3 Hours Return

7. FREE - Forestry Tour by Weyerhaeuser at Juskatla near Port Clements. Duration: One Day

8. FREE - Gray whale watching from land. Best spot is Rose Spit off North Beach. Gray whales are also seen near the museum at Skidegate. Seasonal - from late April into June.

9. FREE - Birdwatching at the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary and Masset Inlet. Our favorite birds are Eagles, Cormorants and Sandpipers. Don't forget to bring your Binoculars.

10. FREE - Enjoy a quieter moment at the Chinook Lodge which has loads of books and games to pass the time.

11. FREE - Pick your own Wild Mushrooms, Wild Strawberries or Salal. Seasonal throughout the year.

12. FREE - Hunt the black tail deer that overpopulate the Islands, since there are no predators to control their numbers. Seasonal. June 1 to February 28 for Bucks and October 4 to February 28 for antlerless deer. Maximum 15 per season. A hunting license is required.

13. FREE - Festivals and Fairs. Seasonal. Our favorite is the Tlell Fall Fair which is held the weekend for our statutory holiday, BC Day, the first Monday in August. Duration: ½ Day

14. UNDER $15 - Haida Gwaii Museum near the Haida Village at Skidegate. Duration: 1 Hour

15. UNDER $15 - Port Clements Museum that has the rare white raven. Duration: 1 Hour

16. UNDER $50 - Potlach with the Haida Indian Band in Skidegate. Seasonal - Tourist Season. Duration: 3 Hours

17. UNDER $100 - Try a Llama trek along North Beach. Duration: 2 Hours

18. UNDER $100/person -Kayaking for a ½ day up a river inlet leading into the ocean or the sea coast. We suggest the nearby community of Port Clements which is sheltered. Duration: One-half Day.

19. UNDER $300/person (based on minimum 2 or 3 guests) - Experience the worlds very best halibut and chinook or king salmon fishing in the world. Duration: One day to several days.

20. UNDER $1,000/person - Fly from Queen Charlotte City to near Ninstints, an abandoned Haida Village, with totem poles that were not carted away by the Museums at the turn of the Century. Ninstints is a world heritage Site. This is a Kodak moment. Duration: One Day

21. UNDER $1,500/person - Kayak to Ninstints in an escorted tour in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. Tours depart from Queen Charlotte City. Look at the shells and sealife at Burnaby Narrows which is accessible only by Kayak. This is a Kodak moment. Duration: 6 Days

22. OTHER - Helicopter Tours


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