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Donations to the Food Bank

The donation by Chinook Lodge in 2013 represented the 10th year of annual donations to the Masset community where our business operates (aggregate $10,000).

Presentation of Chinook Lodge's 2013 Donation (10th Anniversary)
Standing left - Mayor of Masset, Andrew Merilees.
Standing right - Marlene Liddle, past Council person for both Masset and Old Masset.
Bottom left - Chris Homer, Administrator of the Food Bank for the Masset and Old Masset communities.
Bottom right - Brion Bailey, Chinook Lodge (Donor).

In 2009 we revised our sponsorship program to include $1,000 annual donations to the Haida Gwaii Society for Community Peace on behalf of the Food Bank.

Haida Gwaii Society for Community Peace
Haida Gwaii Society for Community Peace

Bursary Program (2003-2008)...

The William R.A. Watson Bursaries

Between 2003 and 2008 we provided annual $1,000 bursaries to Grade 12 Students in memory of long term Masset resident Bill Watson who was our friend and employee.

These bursaries were split equally between the graduating students of the two communities - students of Haida ancestry and non-Haida ancestry (10 recipients).

2007 - 2008 Winners

Kylie Thorgeison
Kylie Thorgeison
Latasha Grosse
Latasha Grosse
Yao Yao Yan
Yao Yao Yan
Keifer Collison
Keifer Collison

2006 - 2008 Winners

Abby Mendez
Anabette (Abby) Mendez

Pamela White
Pamela White
Pamela attended University of Victoria.
She came to dance at the closing ceremonies of the
Vancouver Art Gallery Exhibit, "Travelling Raven".

Travelling Raven
Travelling Raven group photo

2005 Winners

Kysha Camp
Brion makes a presentation to Kysha Camp, Valedictorian

Brion and Marlene
Brion and Marlene

Reah Bell
Marlene makes a presentation to Reah Bell

2003 - 2004 Winners

Laura Bell and Brion
Laura Bell and Brion
Erwin Arndt and Brion
Erwin Arndt and Brion

Bursaries in 2003-2004 were sponsored jointly by Chinook Lodge and individual members of the Northern BC Tourism Association at their AGM held in Masset, BC. The members who contributed $1,000 to the 2003 Bursaries were as follows:

  • Glen Saunders, Cow Bay Gift Gallery, Prince Rupert
  • Steve Smith, Crest Hotel, Prince Rupert
  • Tim Bell, Bell's Travel Guide, Prince Rupert
  • Herb Pond, Mayor, City of Prince Rupert
  • Brion Bailey, Chinook Lodge, Masset, BC

Your Hosts at Chinook Lodge are
Brion and Jane Bailey
Toll-Free: 877-CHINOOK (244-6665)
Canada-wide Cell 778-773-4242 / Masset Cell 250-626-7360
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